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Smart buildings 01/12/2016

Enki, the smart home solution by Leroy Merlin

Enki is the new smart home solution developed by Leroy Merlin that aims at controlling various products, including all kinds of connected home appliances, through a single, free mobile application that allows for interoperability. The Enki smart home solution is one of the best examples of Leroy Merlin’s capacity to innovate. This is what we want to showcase at the CES through our app and our ecosystem. The CES will also be a great opportunity to meet suppliers and partners who want to become Enki-friendly.

Enki offers a unique smart home user experience, thanks to a large ecosystem of interoperable connected products, opened to a huge number of brands. Honeywell, Netatmo, Legrand, Nest, Nodon, My Fox, Lifx, Evology, Avidsen, Debflex, Chacon, and many more are already Enki friendly brands.

Key Figures and News

Enki friendly products will be available nationwide in France in 140 Leroy Merlin stores, via our website and from other retailers in April 2017

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