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Smart buildings 07/04/2015

​GDF SUEZ to partner with and serve as a judge for Ecoboost competition

In partnership with GDF SUEZ, the startup incubator of the Coeur d’Estuaire community of communes, located in the Nantes area, is organizing a sustainable habitat competition called “Ecoboost”.GDF SUEZ is a partner of this competition, as part of its policy of developing innovation in the fields of energy performance, renewable energies and eco-construction. GDF SUEZ will also be represented in the selection committee and will participate in awarding prizes.

The competition is open to two types of candidate:

-in the Emergence category, any project owner of a business that has not yet been created but which has passed the “idea” stage;

-in the Development category, companies that have existed for fewer than 36 months as of the deadline for applications (May 22nd).

Entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs from throughout France are welcome to apply. However, the projects selected will be required to set up in the “Coeur d’Estuaire” area.

28,000 euros in funds

The Ecoboost competition has a budget of €28,0000, which will help fund the winners’ geographical mobility, defraying costs of setting up in the incubator, and technical assistance.

The application deadline is May 22nd, 2015. The selection committee will meet on June 11th and prizes will be discerned during a marketplace event on June 19th.

Competition rules and the application file can be downloaded here:


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