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Smart buildings 07/07/2015

Hack4Europe: ENGIE rewards L.I.S.A., the home automation box that connects everyday objects

Connecting and monitoring everyday objects from the coffee machine to the whole lighting system of a home is now possible! This was successfully evidenced by the L.I.S.A. team – an acronym for Lightweight Intelligent System Automation – rewarded by ENGIE on July 2, 2015 at the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Industry upon conclusion of the two month-long Hack4Europe, the biggest on-line, European hackathon.

Using a wrist-watch, the user remotely controls, with his voice, the start-up of his filter coffee machine, his TV, changes channels or dims the lights… “Home automation is no longer solely the business of tele-monitoring companies. The L.I.S.A. box allows you to manage and control your consumption but it also gives a brand new life to objects!” enthusiastically claims Sarah Bouhnick, spokesperson for the L.I.S.A. team, winner of two Hack4Europe awards in the Connected Objects and Smart City categories.

Initiated by four youngsters, aged between 23 and 28, this project was rewarded by ENGIE after 2 months of fierce competition between 130 teams from 23 different countries participating to Hack4Europe, the biggest on-line European hackathon. “Among the APIs displayed during the hackathon was the semantic analysis API: Vocal Apps and the voice synthesis API: Voxygen” explains Jimmy Aumard, the team’s super developer and CEO. “We still have to develop new modules in open source and open-up to other sectors such as connected cars”, he adds.

Marc Florette, ENGIE’s head of Digital Innovation saluted a user-oriented innovation, since the main characteristics of this platform are its user-friendliness and its flat-design approach, with minimalist interfaces and bright colors. The L.I.S.A. Box was designed by Lisa Ghini, a 23 year old designer, an expert in User Experience and UX design, the Artistic Director of the project.
L.I.S.A. is a connected dream team: Sarah is based in Paris, Jimmy and Lisa in Nice, and Caroline Kassis, marketing and sales director, lives in Brussels. They now have an extra busy schedule, in addition to their respective occupations: meeting financial and start-up partners. A contribution should help them set-up a showroom – a place located Boulevard Sébastopol in Paris has already been found.


Source: Hugo Whitemore

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