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​Innovation Breakfast at Venturefest North East October 13, 2015

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OpenInnov Engie will hold an "Innovation Breakfast" in Newcastle (United Kingdom) on Tuesday, October 13th as part of Venturefest North East.

Venturefest North East is the annual event of a network of incubators, entrepreneurs and investors involved in innovation in the North East UK.

With 600 people attending, 40 lectures, 10 workshops, and 30 investors and exhibitors, the event will lead to thousands of opportunities, contacts, and chances to accelerate innovation.

As part of this event, ENGIE’s Innovation Breakfast will allow the Group to present its approach to innovation and to meet with the startups and entrepreneurs in attendance. Caroline Hopkins, Director of UK Development and Stephen Grant, Program Director for Housing and Energy Efficiency, will launch a new call for projects during the breakfast on the theme of Big Data and Connected Objects.

Throughout the day, the ENGIE booth will serve as a place for conference participants to learn about the Group's innovation policy. It will also allow startups and innovators to connect and inform themselves about ENGIE’s Innovation program specifically focused on startups.

Source: Christine Leroy

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