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Le Village Business Incubator - an ecosystem opened to its inhabitants: innovators

Smart buildings

Located 55 rue La Boétie in Paris, at the very heart of the central business district, the Village by Crédit Agricole houses innovative solutions’ bearers. Inaugurated on October 2014, this generalist business incubator is nestled in a renovated, 8-storey, Art Deco building. GDF SUEZ, an early partner, has chosen the Village as the location for their “Innovation Mornings”, the second meeting of which, on January 28, 2015 will focus on a promising subject: biogas.

GDF SUEZ, partner of the Village, organizes the Innovation Mornings, a bi-monthly meeting dedicated to innovation, hosted by the economist and writer Erik Orsenna. The first Morning focused on the challenges of the city of tomorrow was the opportunity to present Cit’Ease, the first global city dashboard, developed by GDF SUEZ and Powerdale, a Belgian start-up. The latter specializes in producing and operating charging points and poles for smart electric vehicles and was the first to benefit from a capital funding of the GDF SUEZ New Ventures’ investment fund.

Biogas, methanization, a future market opened to innovations? The biogas market could grow from 287ktoe in 2013 to 750ktoe in 2020. This is what a survey carried out by the sectorial economic studies’ research firm, Xerfi , foresees. Long-neglected in France, biogas appears to be, today, the most promising segment in the renewable energy sector.

2015 will be the year of development for the Village conceived as an ecosystem. To be selected, the start-ups wishing to be supported in their evolution have to demonstrate the innovative nature of their activity to benefit from a 2-year lease, at the end of which, each of them should achieve autonomy. Moreover, they have to be complementary to each other in order to create synergies and foster a dynamic to the place.

Among the hundred start-ups currently established at the Village, Intent Technologies (, first operating system for smart housing and building; Cameo (, a company specialized in the creation of value-added services in the field of technological innovations and energy transition regulations; and Saooti ( a technology allowing the creation of web-radios that launched the Village Innovation Radio. Opening the Village to the world is planned. Within the coming months, branches of the Village shall open in New York and Hong Kong.

Source: Hugo Whitemore

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