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Smart buildings 12/11/2018

News from EISOX: winner of the ENGIE Call for Projects launched in 2017

EISOX was the winner of a call for projects led by ENGIE AXIMA whose objective was to identify energy management solutions for buildings. EISOX was then a young Angers-based startup, created in 2016 after having developed an intelligent thermostat head that automatically regulates temperatures in buildings by learning the habits of users. 

In addition to the prize, the winner received support from ENGIE and Angers Loire Métropole to implement its solution, which was still in prototype status in 2017, in a nursery in the city.

Twelve intelligent thermostat heads and a box will be installed in November 2018, allowing the city to remotely manage heating while automatically optimizing energy savings based on user habits. "We count on achieving between 20 and 40% savings through equipment, which will also measure air quality in each room and a set of environmental parameters." says Maxence Chotard, CEO of EISOX.

Everything is going well for the startup, which has launched the industrial production of its thermostat heads since the beginning of 2018. It recently won the Economic Hope Award in the “creation” category, which was sponsored by the Maine et Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry.    

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