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​Nomad of the Seas: discover low tech’s ambassador in the shape of a catamaran

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The Nomad of the Seas has a major challenge: to co-create an ambassador for low tech in the form of a catamaran and to take it on an expedition of experimentation and sharing.

In 2016, Nomad of the Seas will begin its world tour with the goal of testing and publicizing innovations related to energy self-sufficiency. ENGIE is one of the sponsors of this challenge and has launched a call for projects to invent an integrated, autonomous electricity production unit for less than 500 euros to equip the boat.

The winners of the call for projects will have the opportunity to join the crew on part of the trip and to install their project on board.

Two months before the deadline for submitting applications, ENGIE employees in the Paris region are invited to an informational breakfast meeting. They will be able to to discuss the project and meet other participants and partners in the adventure.

Who will be there?

- Corentin Chatelperron, founder of the Nomad of the Seas Project and president of the Gold of Bengal association,
- Stéphane Quéré, Activities, Communication and Partnerships Director in the Sales, Innovation and New Business Department,
- Raphael Schoentgen, Member of the Executive Committee, Director of Research and Technology,
- Adil Chenaf, who is in charge of supporting BtoC, BtoB and BtoT activities for the Africa BU;
- Thomas Landrain, founder and president of the “La Paillasse” hackerspace
- Timothy Sylvester of Ideas Lab, a multipartner open innovation platform that leads cooperative projects on human activity and civilization

Nomad of the Seas challenge informational meeting on November 30th from 8:30 am to 10 am in the auditorium of T1 or on WebEx.

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