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Smart buildings 03/09/2015

Pooling of resources in the industry: the city of Rouen (France), a melting pot of experiences

How do you optimize the energy efficiency of industrial sites? Resources’ pooling is one of the steps toward better competitiveness in the industry and within industrial zones. This is why, in June 2015, a call for projects on “resources’ pooling in the industry”, ending on August 31st, was launched by ENGIE, together with Rouen Normandy Invest and SEINARI, the innovation agency for the Haute-Normandie region.

“Multipolar, the area of influence of Rouen’s harbour covers a territory that stretches on both banks of the river Seine. The call for projects is particularly well suited to the region and its industrial development challenges”, explains Laurence Bertho-Bedel, General Delegate at Rouen Normandy Invest -the economical development agency of the Rouen metropolis. The Grand Port Maritime de Rouen combines a maritime and harbour cluster with an industry and services cluster to form a nationwide industrial-port complex.

Many manufacturers face the questions of energy and waste management’s pooling of resources, the pooling of flows and even their sites’ facility management. Launched on the occasion of the Summer Festival #NWX in Rouen (organised by the #NWX association supported by Rouen metropolis and the Haute-Normandie region), the call for projects invites the most innovative solutions to be submitted.

Source: Hugo Whitemore

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