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Vertuoz, the multi service platform for making the most of your buildings

Smart buildings

Vertuoz is a multi-service platform that helps you make the most of your buildings. Vertuoz was initially created to optimize a building’s energy performance, and has expanded to incorporate many kinds of data. The goal is to help clients save money and make buildings easier to manage and more comfortable. It lets building operators overview their entire building stock, with all key metrics visible at a glance, allowing them to monitor energy consumption and enhance the comfort of their users through IoT. Vertuoz is leading and expanding an open network of innovative partners, including Ubiant, Powerdale, Microsoft, Dhatim, Datapole and Openergy.

Key Figures

  • 15,000 connected devices in 140 classrooms
  • 75,000 buildings equipped with Vertuoz solutions
  • 25 million m² analyzed by our services
  • 3 million invoices analyzed by our teams and their systems

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