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Smart buildings 28/11/2017

Wenu Work: Hardware for Real-time Energy Consumption Management

WenuWork, a Chilean company working in Energy Consumption Management, is among the startups accompanying ENGIE to Las Vegas for CES 2018. Here is our interview with Daniel Santander, Wenuwork's CCO.

Q: Hello again Daniel. We last spoke in May this year, just before Vivatech. Could you run through the main points about the company and the product again, and update us on new developments?

WenuWork is currently in its second year, and now has a staff of nine. We produce a low-cost sensor that monitors energy consumption in real time with IoT technology, allowing small companies to economise up to 10% on their electricity bills. 

Over the last six months, we have moved on from sensor model 2.0 to model 3.0, which has more functions, more memory, and a module which stores data if the internet connection is lost. Work on a new multiple-phase sensor is underway, and we are also developing an active sensor which will not only monitor, but act on the information: turning circuits on or off according to preset parameters, for example.

Q: And your experience with ENGIE over the last six months?

I could say that we are on the "second round". First of all, ENGIE has injected a further $200 000 into WenuWork, which of course has made a world of difference to our development; and ENGIE is currently opening up the Mexican market, which has brought us two new major clients. Also, we have an excellent ongoing relationship with the technical support team, who are helping us develop our telemetry so that we can work towards complete energy management system.

Q: What will you be presenting at CES?

We will be showing the model 3.0 sensor, on a functioning electrical board, and a display using our application. There will also be a more technical platform visible on a laptop computer.

Q: And what do you expect from being at CES with ENGIE?

We want to explore everything that is relevant to us, in particular concerning the markets in Mexico and the USA. It will also be an opportunity to observe other technologies that we might be able to incorporate into the platform as it develops. 

In 2018 we would like to move from hundreds to thousands of units sold.

Q: Can you name a particularly significant innovation for you?

Absolutely: quantum computers. This is still a very new technology, but the possibilities are mind-boggling, even simply in terms of speed and volume of data, not to mention the flexibility. When I think that in my own field, only five years ago real-time monitors were extremely expensive, highly-technical machines reserved for industry, and that now we are selling simple, low-cost units, it's difficult to imagine the outcome if quantum computing develops at a similar speed!

Q: Anything you would like to add?

Perhaps that it is becoming evident that in the foreseeable future, oil-based industry is destined to disappear. And what will life be like without oil? More electrical. 

In Latin America, ENGIE is promoting electrical mobility, photovoltaics, energy storage... and here in Chile, we have the world's second largest lithium reserve. The potential is tremendous, and the WenuWork platform is going to play a key role!


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