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Smart buildings 22/05/2018

Wonest puts the connected home within everyone's reach

Wonest is a young company that uses new technology to develop new connected object control systems in the home and offers related services. Wonest will be an exhibitor at the ENGIE Lab at Viva Technology in May 2018.Hang Chen gave us an introduction to the startup he created in 2017.

Winner of the French Tech Ticket, Wonest received seed funding from BPI France to develop connected home automation solutions and associated services.

Wonest’s goal is to facilitate the use of connected objects at the home through smart, customizable interactions.


A slogan to define you?

With Wonest, the connected home is within everyone's reach.


What are you going to present at Viva Technology?

At Vivatech we will be presenting our SmartPrise, a connected, remotely controllable and programmable socket that measures electricity consumption in real time. The smart socket is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for voice control.

We will also present a connected color light that offers 16 million colors and is programmable and remotely controllable with an internet connection.


What do you expect to get from participating participating in Viva Technology with ENGIE?

Viva Technology is a great opportunity to present our solutions and to spread the knowledge of our products.

We also hope to meet people who can help us to improve our products.


For you the future will be ...

For Wonest, the future will be everything connected!

In the future, there will  be more than 500 connected objects in the house – one in every corner of the house!

Wonest provides a better understanding of how people consume energy and makes their lives better by helping them consuming less, which is key for reducing CO² emissions and household waste. And all this at an unbeatable price!


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