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Smart cities 01/12/2017

Accent, a tool for planning energy solutions at the local level

Accent by ENGIE is the result of a project led by several European partners with the support of Climate KIC. It helps local authorities and other stakeholders plan and organize how the energy transition will be put into action across the entire built environment. Accent is one of ENGIE’s internal projects that will be presented at the ENGIE & Partners booth at CES 2018. Mathieu Baisez is the Accent Project Manager at ENGIE Lab CRIGEN. He spoke to us about his work.

Q- Hello Mathieu. Accent is now part of the Vertuoz ecosystem. How is this solution innovative?

The innovative nature of our solution lies in our ability to put together an estimate of energy consumption over an entire geographical area using a wide range of data sources.
After having collected, cleaned up, enriched and harmonized the collected data, ACCENT then makes it possible to build the most efficient and relevant energy transition plan for the area in question.
In doing so, ACCENT makes it possible to automatically identify the best locations for installing new energy solutions based on the area’s energy potential.
Q- What will you being showing and what do you expect to get from participating in CES?

CES will give us the opportunity to present the latest version of our solution.
I hope to present the solution to all the cities, communities and real estate companies who pass by the booth in order to generate new leads and accelerate rollout.
Q- In your opinion, what is the most important innovation?

One of the most significant innovations of the last years is the massive release of data by public stakeholders and companies - commonly called open data.
This release of data makes it possible to imagine completely new economic models and to create new relations between stakeholders.
Q- Lastly, what would you like to talk about?

Hydrogen, because it’s both a solution to accelerate the energy transition and a bridge between the different solutions of the energy transition.
It's a new energy vector that will bring new solutions to ENGIE's customers.

Listen to Mathieu presenting Accent during European Utility Week 2017

Source: Thomas BARDY

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