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Smart cities 20/11/2018

Aeromapper at CES 2019 with ENGIE: Ready for an American adventure!

Aeromapper is one of the pioneering drone manufacturers in France. In fact, the company was the second one ever allowed to fly its drones for dozens of kilometers, independently and completely out of the line of sight of the remote pilot.They will be at CES 2019 at the ENGIE Lab to present their AVEM drone and applications developed for it in partnership with ENGIE Drone Lab (CRIGEN). Commercial director Alexandre Liagre gave us an introduction to Aeromapper.

Aeromapper was born in 2012, when the very first regulations were passed allowing drones to operate in French airspace.

We are manufacturers and operators of professional drones used for mapping and surveillance applications. These are long-range "aircraft" type drones that can work on surfaces and distances greater than traditional drones.

Aeromapper was created by people with a background in airplane-based cartography who wanted to develop a new tool for collecting images: the drone. Aeromapper has developed the product from A to Z, which has given us a perfect understanding of the machine and its systems and which we can modify at will without being held up by technical aspects.

Tell me about your story with ENGIE.

The world of drones is small, and everyone gets to know each other quickly. ENGIE is one of the pioneers in France in using drones for industrial purposes. You have a strong desire to be at the forefront and to find useful applications for the Group. This is why we quickly got in touch to discuss the unique capabilities of our systems. ENGIE became our client at the end of 2016 and today I can say that we have a partner-type relationship rather than a supplier. We supply systems to ENGIE, but we also bring our expertise to bear in assisting in its operations.

With ENGIE, we are working on mapping and monitoring sensitive sites like Storengy gas storage sites. Our machines are capable of covering large surfaces and distances, much more than traditional UAVs that are limited to 30 minutes of range and cannot move more than 800 meters away from their remote control. Our drones can remain in the air for almost 3 hours and travel dozens of kilometers. They therefore offer a much larger coverage area without sacrificing the quality of the data retrieved or the security conditions.