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Call for e-health projects: the connected patient

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How can we better coordinate the care process, help maintain patients in their homes and enable them to age well while at the same time improving the efficiency of the healthcare system? Connected services are now being adopted in healthcare centers, but many other solutions need to be invented to achieve this goal. Cofely Ineo, an expert in the digital transition of the hospital sector, is launching a call for projects in "e-health". It is aimed at startups and leaders of innovative projects.

"Hospital stays are becoming shorter, so returning patients to their homes and caring for them there is becoming a major issue, requiring us to develop new digital services," said Emilie Forster, Department Manager at Cofely Ineo Smart Offers. Cofely Ineo’s solutions for digital bedside terminals include information about the medical establishment itself, patient records that healthcare professionals can access via a secure connection, safety information, multimedia applications, etc. Now, this kind of terminal needs to be further developed to become a key tool for monitoring and collecting data about the patient.

ENGIE, Cofely Ineo and Entreprises et Collectivités are working together to provide innovative services for optimizing healthcare and helping people age well, as well as to offer the best solutions for personal services in general. In 2015, ENGIE committed itself to developing a business offering linking healthcare and energy services through the concept of an eco-district. This portal for connected services will be used to test future developments, with "an pilot neighborhood used to demonstrate these newest-generation services." Cofely Ineo has launched a call for projects in "e-health" and invites startups wishing to work on the future of healthcare to take up this challenge. In doing so, they will be able to make use of this testing ground to experiment with solutions and services for the patients of tomorrow.

Source: ENGIE

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