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Innovative solutions to be invented for mobility in rural areas

Sustainable mobility

How do you optimize journeys, share means of transportation, save money whereas you’re a professional or a private individual? Any good idea on the subject must be shared within the frame of ENGIE’s call for project, launched in partnership with La Gacilly’s federation of municipalities (France) and open until September 25.

“The less urban you are, the less answers you get on the challenges of mobility”, says Luc Philippe, general manager of La Gacilly’s Federation of Municipalities. The context is specific since, in rural areas, the distance range between people’s homes and their different places of work or shopping is getting larger and larger. To face this challenge, are there local solidarity solutions to experiment?

The call for project “Sustainable mobility in rural areas” is part of the “Terr’Innove” approach, a memorandum of understanding signed in 2013 between ENGIE and La Gacilly’s Federation of Municipalities. Its objective is to plan the concrete terms and conditions of a territorial energy model based on energy sobriety and efficiency, while mobilizing local resources.

“We rely on the ecosystem of the incubator "Le Grenier Digital" that, since November 2014, has been developing a true dynamic with start-ups and innovations”, adds Luc Philippe. Becoming a positive energy territory and accompanying project bearers, both themes in which La Gacilly’s Federation of Municipalities has been involved for several years.

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Source: Hugo Whitemore