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Connected cars: what’s new in 2015?

Sustainable mobility

The power of the cloud combined with ever better mobile broadband, allowed car manufacturers to present series of connected services at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the international trade show dedicated to innovation, held in Los Angeles from January 6 to 9.

Intelligence serving safety and security. Today, 40 % of the worldwide mobile data traffic is routed via dedicated network equipment and serves over 2.5 billion smartphones, tablets, objects and connected vehicles. Applications warn car owners when their vehicle needs maintenance, when a light bulb needs changing, tires need to be inflated or the brake fluid needs a refill. They can also warn them in case of danger or when the traffic light is about to turn red (currently being tested in Germany)… Lastly, cars now communicate with each other in order to prevent and anticipate potential accidents.

Could tomorrow bring autonomous cars? Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Chevrolet… 11 car manufacturers and automotive suppliers came up with a wealth of innovative solutions. Valéo presented their inBlue smart key, a smartphone-compatible system that enables car sharing and remote parking, while BMW introduced the BMWi3 piloted via a smart watch. The fully automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant in the BMW i3 research vehicle combines information from 4 laser scanners with the digital site plan of a building, for example a multi-storey car park. If the driver uses the Smartwatch to activate the fully automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant, the system will steer the vehicle independently through the levels, while the driver has already got out of the car. Once the BMW i3 has arrived at the parking space, the vehicle locks itself and waits to be called by Smartwatch and voice command. The fully automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant then calculates the exact time until the driver arrives at the car parkand starts up the BMW i3 so that it arrives at the car park exit at exactly the right time.

Futuristic design: information display on your windscreen!

SenseDriver Technologies turns an iPhone into a GPS with a head-up display. At the CES, the American company presented the SenseHUD, a new portable device that does more than just reflecting the smartphone’s screen. It’s one of a kind electro-chromatic, light-adjusting liquid crystal display accommodates any light condition and ensures excellent visibility whatever the circumstances. The SenseHUD is compatible with both IOS and Android and connects to the car via Bluetooth. It will be available in summer 2015 for the price of €85.

Source: Hugo Whitmore