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Sustainable mobility

A short press review for innovative projects in the fields of energy efficiency, smart habitat and mobility:

On Soonsoonsoon, an application similar to the solution developed by Intent: “Power House”, a game connected to your house, that lets you control your energy expenses in real life.

In Les Echos : Carrefour is using biogas to run its trucks. An initiative that reduces noise and 90% fewer carbon emissions.

On Bonjour Idées : Ecosec is a startup whose goal is to developed a French network of high-end dry toilets in downtowns.

In the Journal du Net, hydrogen cars will soon be affordable. Currently very expensive, these cars have a number of advantages: they create no waste (just water), their fuel is inexhaustible, and the cars have a similar range to that of petrol-powered cars – and are therefore largely superior to electric ones.

Also in the Journal du Net : more than a million drones will exist in the world in 2015, with a very wide range of uses, as was demonstrated a the recent hackathon held between April 24th and 26th by OpenInnov at the Ecole 42.

Source: OpenInnov by ENGIE

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