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Siradel: ENGIE's 3D Simulation Tool

Sustainable mobility

An Engie subsidiary since October 2016, Siradel’s purpose is to develop tailor-made tools that cities and businesses can use to improve their decisionmaking processes, to better communicate with citizens about specific services, actions or solutions and to provide a basis for all city stakeholders to communicate using shared information.

At the CES, Siradel will present a (physical) 3D model of the fifth district of the City of Paris. This 3D model has integrated several layers of information and simulations, including telecom networks and public lighting, wind models and PV power potential for different areas of the district.

Key Figures

  • 3,000 cities across the world already modeled
  • 15 “City” 3D Projects currently ongoing worldwide
  • 25 services available for simulation in the 3D tool
  • 5 cm: the level of geographic granularity we can attain using our technology (useful for 5G modeling and developing autonomous vehicles, for example).
  • 4 months: time needed to develop an initial version of the tool for a city of 500,000 inhabitants.

Siradel's news

June 2016: Siradel announces Innovative Wireless Backhaul Planning Tool: S_ Backhaul 2.0 that addresses the challenges faced in Small Cells backhaul deployments.

February 2017: ENGIE and Siradel will bid on a major project in the U.S. combining networks, services and digital solutions ($1Bn of CAPEX over 50 years).