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SYMBIO at CES 2017 alongside ENGIE for 100% no emissions mobility

Sustainable mobility

Symbio – which ENGIE has recently invested in – promotes clean, sustainable mobility solutions that meet the expectations of the merchandise and passenger transportation industries.

Symbio will be present with ENGIE at CES 2017 to showcase its innovative offerings.

Pierre-Yves Le-Berre, the company’s VP for Strategy and Finance, answered our questions about the Symbio’s involvement at the CES.

A quick introduction to Symbio

Symbio offers sustainable mobility solutions that extend the range of electric vehicles, allowing them to be used like standard combustion vehicles while reducing GHG emissions to zero. We design, industrialize and manufacture hydrogen cell systems that can be adapted to the different use cycles and types of vehicles (utility vehicles, NPVs, buses, heavy trucks, boats). We work with our clients from beginning to end, from testing to certification, marketing and after-sales services.

Your vision of innovation in 3 words

Progress that meets society’s needs, with an economic and industrial model that allows for wide-spread use across many different sectors.

What are you going to be showcasing to the CES?

We will be showcasing how our hydrogen fuel cell system works and how it can improve air quality in urban areas.

We are especially delighted to be able to present a new type of equipment developed specifically for CES 2017 in Las Vegas, and to give all the visitors the opportunity to try out this new experience. A step towards major change!

What do you expect to get from participating in CES with ENGIE?

The CES is a global showcase that will give our company greater exposure by highlighting and explaining our skills and achievements. It is also an opportunity to make contacts in North America and to investigate market segments that we have not yet addressed or detected.

The question you would have liked us to ask

Why is your technology not more widespread?

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