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​The impact of big data on the development of smart cities

Sustainable mobility

The 4th episode of the “A world of data” web radio series from “Le Village by CA”, which ENGIE partners with, was focused on the impact of big data on smart cities.

Big Data allows new services to be developed and powers new relationship dynamics between customers, utilities and local authorities. Olivier Biancarelli, Director of Decentralized Solutions for Cities and Regions, was invited of the series “A world of data” of the web radio from “Le Village by CA”, on February 8th, to discuss ENGIE’s vision on the impact of big data on the development of smart cities.

The other speakers were Gilles Babinet, official spokesperson of France’s digital economy at the European Commission, and Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris for Urbanism.

Discussions were lively – each guest had strong opinions about the perspectives opened up by new technologies.

You can listen to them here.