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WeNow, a driving solution for cutting fuel consumption and neutralizing climate impact

Sustainable mobility

WeNow is a French startup that provides a smart device for cars that helps them manage their energy efficiency and neutralize their carbon footprint. WeNow has been chosen as a champion of the UN “climate neutral now” initiative.

Key Figures and News

  • More than 1,000,000 km driven since March 2016.
  • Consumption reduction potential: between 5 and 15% for internal combustion vehicles and up to 40% for electric vehicles.
  • 20 corporate customers.
  • November 2016: WeNow is one of the twenty startups chosen by big booster to fly to Boston to take a deep dive into the American startup ecosystem.
    October 2016: WeNow is one of nine finalists in the “EDF Pulse, smart energy” challenge.
    June 2016: Finalist in the BMW Tech Date

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