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ISCLEANAIR: A bubble of clean air

APA – Air Pollution Abatement – is the invention of ISCLEANAIR, an Italian Clean-Tech company that proposes an air purification system for all situations, from a portable personal unit to installations for vast outdoor spaces. ISCLEANAIR will be at Viva Technology on ENGIE's booth on May 24-26.
We interviewed Sara Frascà, ISCLEANAIR's Strategic Marketing Director.

Q: Can you tell us something about the company, Sara?

The World Health Organisation considers that air quality is the planet's number one problem. Breathing is our most immediate need for survival, but air pollution is a major environmental and health problem in developed and developing countries alike: over 90% of the world's population breathe unsafe air. In certain highly-populated, highly-industrialised urban zones, air pollution regularly causes illness and even death, not to mention the vast economic losses.

ISCLEANAIR was founded in 2015, after 7 years of research and 5 of testing, to offer clean air to all at an affordable price via a revolutionary new technology. Currently, we are at SME Instrument Phase 2.

Q: And in what ways is your technology particularly innovative?

Our APA technology is the first qualified filterless, water-based, energy-efficient solution to purify the air we breathe and control its quality. Long-term approaches to reduce pollution at source may take many years to implement: we offer an immediate solution to the purification of the ambient air, indoors and out, in domestic, urban and industrial spaces.

In addition, the modular IoT/AI platform with its multimedia display allows the integration of multiple services: emergency warnings, camera surveillance, weather forecasts, passenger information, etc. Or of course advertising space, which can be sold. We propose standalone or plug-and-play units, according to requirements, and all the processes are in-cloud, so the unit can be managed in real time from a computer or cellphone.

Q: What will you be presenting at Vivatech?

APA is a patented technology, a modular scalable solution, rather than a product. But we hope to display the 3D prototype of a 'totem' for use in an urban environment, showing how the platform can integrate a wide range of services.

Q: Why are you participating in Vivatech with ENGIE?

VivaTech is the world's rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation together. At ISCLEANAIR, we really appreciate the ENGIE quote: “Innovation is collaborative, first and foremost”, and value immensely this opportunity to work together.

ENGIE is a global energy leader, committed to innovation and responsible, efficient, sustainable growth. ISCLEANAIR leads innovation in filter-less, energy efficient clean air solutions. ENGIE brings clean energy and APA brings clean air, for overall sustainable quality, comfort and safety. Both at the service of people and the environment, and already in the same markets. A perfect match!

Q: And what are your goals at Vivatech?

We would like to meet partners for the joint development of the smart, clean-air cities of tomorrow, and of private and public facilities management projects. And make contact with investors, with a view to developing new knowhow and markets. ENGIE New Ventures will also be present, which could be a precious support to our internationalization.

Q: Anything you would like to add?

I could mention ISCLEANAIR's 12 patents and 25 inventions, the creation of the world's first first Smart Clean Air city (L’Aquila, Italy), or our four Seal of Excellence labels (Horizon 2020); but I think I would really like to say that "the best is yet to come!"

Q: A phrase about innovation?

Socrates said: “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." And I think innovation is the execution of an idea to improve the future for both people and the system.

Q: And the future?

The future is CLEAN AIR!

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Source: Martyn Crossland

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