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ReachFive, authentication for awareness and the customer experience


Knowing their customers is key for brands. The solution developed by ReachFive manages all the processes involved in identifying and creating an account, notably via social network profiles. But ReachFive also helps businesses identify their customers across all of their physical and online touchpoints.

ReachFive will take part in the ENGIE Lab at Viva Technology. Jeremy Dallois, its CEO, gave us an introduction to the company.

ReachFive makes it easy to authenticate and manage customer identities at every online and offline point of contact by providing the industry's most innovative ways of connecting like Social Login and Passwordless. By managing this point of entry to the customer relationship, ReachFive also centralizes the management of user consent for compliance with the RGPD.

ReachFive offers retailers tools to analyze and manage the profiles they need for omni-channel and cross-device customer knowledge, making it possible to implement personalized and thus more efficient marketing strategies.

A slogan that defines you?

"Connect Smart Companies to Real People."

We help companies identify and recognize their customers at every point of contact, transforming customers who might have previously been known by an email address into a real person with known contact details and their preferences and interests.


What product will you be presenting at Vivatech? What’s innovative about it?

For Vivatech ReachFive will be presenting its new consent management module: Smart Consent. This tool helps companies comply with RGPD regulations by allowing them to collect and trace consent that has been granted or refused by their customers at every point of contact. Companies can then easily create consent forms in multiple languages that they need to collect information from their clients. Consent agreements are stored in their profiles, which consumers can modify or withdraw them at any time through their account, in full transparency and in accordance with the RGPD.

Why do you want to participate in Vivatech with ENGIE?

ENGIE is a long-term customer of ReachFive’s services and one of the most innovative in how it uses the solution. We helped ENGIE resolve issues related to client accounts and data reunification. We recently developed a login module for their chatbot that lets consumers connect to their ENGIE accounts via Facebook Messenger. This answered a specific problem the company had with regards to authentication. Our solution brings together all customer data in a single secure database, eliminating data silos.

For you the future will be ...?


Consumers don’t want to waste their time filling out endless login forms and creating complicated passwords that they will spend hours trying to find on their next login.

W3D, the international institution bringing together more than 400 major web organizations, is already planning to widely deploy passwordless authentication tools. Passwords are actually considered easily hackable and harm the fluidity of the user experience, so it’s inevitable that they disappear.

Many other authentication methods already exist and others are developing like Social Login, Passwordless, IoT, chatbots and biometric recognition.

Source: Christine LEROY

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