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Bordeaux Innovation Day and Marketplace

Energy Communities

ENGIE's Innovation Day was held at the Darwin Ecosysteme, in the former Caserne Niel.

Major Innovations that will allow to adress the energy transition were presented by local start-ups.

Let's focus on some projects...

Ampool is a connected vehicle that is two times lighter than its competitors, and so consumes two times less energy.

Benoit Paillard, from AdvTech : "We have developped a wind turbine inspired by nature that lets us optimize energy production while keeping low noise levels. It lends itself quite well to being installed near homes."

Jean-Michel Amare, ceo of Ataway : "Alpha is a hydrogen-powered bicycle, where the hydrogen comes from recharging stations, where it is produced using water. This electric bicycle can run for 100 km and is recharged in only 2 mn."

The day ended with the signature of an agreement with French Tech Bordeaux Metropole and the launch of a call for projects on energy storage.

Source: ENGIE

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