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​Climb aboard the Nomad of the Seas

Energy Communities

Christopher Columbus was able to stay at sea for a year before discovering America. Is it possible today to be self-sufficient on a boat in terms of water, food and energy for the same amount of time?

This question is related to other ones about access to sustainable energy for all and the fight against energy poverty

To address these issues, ENGIE is supporting the Nomad of the Seas initiative and is launching a challenge: can someone build an integrated, self-sufficient electricity generation system? The goal of the challenge is to complete a prototype solution made of recycled and recovered products for a total budget of less than €500. The system will be tested on a catamaran that is traveling the world.

The stages of the challenge?
- Get a team together
- Apply to the Call for Projects before 01/27/2015
- Get expert assistance from the Nomad of the Seas, ENGIE and the La Paillasse network
- Make a prototype for 500€ or less
The most innovative projects will win a trip to install their prototype on the boat.

So, ready to board?

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