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​Take a trip into the land of refrigeration

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Refrigeration heats things up... So how do we refrigerate without emitting extra heat? ANIA co-hosted an Innovation Morning Meeting on refrigeration with ENGIE on September 20th.

Refrigeration is one of five major themes that will ensure the agro-industrial sector remains comptitive through 2020 or 2025. Can refrigeration be more sutainable and more economical?

The fluids currently used in refrigeration and cooling have an impact on global warming 1300 to 4000 times greater than CO2. 15% of electricity used in industrialized coutries goes to refrigeration, which is huge, and contributes 5 to 8% of the greenhouse gases emitted. So, the refrigeration industry has to reinvent itself and change to use fluids that aren't environmentally damaging, and also work on improving energy efficiency in machinery so it consumes less.

Agro-industry has to find the means to produce cold in a more sustainablye way, to measure and control it better, to save energy, a task everyone needs to contribute to, both industries and citizens.

Therefefore, ENGIE and ANIA are launching a call for projetcs about recovering end-energy. Refrigeration equipment release a lot of thermal energy. This call for projects involves creating value from this waste energy, which is from 30 to 40 degrees.
The idea is to make use of all of the heat lost in the process and make energy out of it.

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