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With TEO “The Energy Origin” by ENGIE, be sure to be green!

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TEO (The Energy Origin) is an innovative solution developed by ENGIE to identify and certify the origin of the energy you are selling/using. 

To have a positive impact on the environment and protect our planet your customers are committed to consuming green electricity. Purchasing green electricity through a paper or financial agreement is the existing solution. But what if you could go one huge step beyond, what if you could actually prove your customers where their green electricity comes from and trace the green electricity back to its origin ?

TEO addresses this essential need of your customers with a simple and efficient solution to trace your green electricity. The TEO web platform allows your customers to know in real time where his green energy comes from: hydro, wind, solar… 

TEO provides you and your customers with a clear dashboard reporting and communication tools highlighting your green energy production, its origin and your clients local consumption. 

How can we guarantee the authenticity of TEO ? What makes it reliable and secure ? 

The answer is BlockchainTEO platform is built on top of a low energy blockchain technology which transforms green certificates into secure digital assets. 

Authenticate your green electricity with TEO and sell more than electrons, that lets your customers be green for real !

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