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New energies 02/11/2018

ENGIE and FAIRWIND : for a greener (wind) energy in agriculture

We are imaginative builders ! In a collaborative project ENGIE and the Belgiam startup FAIRWIND  have developped a compact individual wind turbine for agriculture. Watch the [VIDEO] ! 

Fairwind is a Belgian company that designs and manufactures vertical axis wind turbines dedicated to SME's in agricultural Businnesses.  The Fairwind turbine is 100% recyclable thanks to the use of aluminum in the manufacture of the blades. 

Fairwind’s backstory with ENGIE begun during CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Afterwards, ENGIE signed a partnership with Faiwind last June that gave FAIRWIND access to ENGIE's commercial network.

Fairwind also showcased its wind turbine on ENGIE's Energy Lab during VIVA TECHNOLOGY Paris in may 2018

FIND OUT MORE : Read Philippe Montironi, CEO of Fairwind interview about its project

Fairwind small Wind turbines with a vertical axis


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