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New energies 09/12/2015

​New perspectives for smart energy management

Mark Akehurst, Program Director in ENGIE’s Innovation, Marketing and New Business Department, speaks about the prospectsfor Smart Energy Management and presents the Group’s approach to open innovation.

The main innovative fields in the energy sector that are of interest to ENGIE are distributed energy generation, energy storage and demand management.

Distributed generation allows the customer to produce energy, at the municipal level for example. While everyone knows about solar panels, the Group is also interested in combined heat and power as well as wind power.

We also focus on electricity storage particularly via batteries. This is an area in which the technological progress in recent years has been phenomenal in terms of cost and performance.

As for demand management, there are now real opportunities for reducing demand at certain times while promoting demand reduction as a source of income.

These themes are currently the subject of two calls for projects:

- A call for projects onenergy storage

- A call for projects on new decentralized energy offerings for residential customers.


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