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Other innovations 13/01/2016

​Best of CES 2016 by ENGIE

Let’s look back on ENGIE’s first time participating in the CES. In this video: four hectic days of innovation, creativity, ingenuity, and our special favorites ...

Present at CES 2016 for the first time this year, ENGIE is the only major corporaiton to have chosen to exhibit at Eureka Park, the section of CES set aside for startups and the French Tech. "We wanted to be in the middle of the startup scene to put more emphasis on those we’re supporting," explains Stéphane Quéré, the Group’s Innovation Director.

Most of the booth was given over to the startups the company collaborates with or in which it has invested.
The booth included the French company SigFox and Tendril, Ecova and AMS from the US. The startups were chosen for their skills and areas expertise. SigFox’s low-speed network makes smart objects for everyday use, AMS specialize in battery energy storage for business parks, and Tendril in analyzing customer data from energy suppliers. Ecova offers energy management solutions for businesses.

ENGIE’s booth also promoted innovations from within the Group: Homni, a smart thermostat, and the air-purifying robot DiyaOne, an energy dashboard, etc.

The CES was ultimately an opportunity to see what is happening elsewhere ... As Stéphane Quéré said by way of conclusion, "We came to identify startups we want to work with and to get a feeling for the technological trends that are of interest to us: connected objects, big data, and smart cities."

Check out the "Best of CES 2016" video to see the ENGIE team’s discoveries at the CES and the innovations of the Group presented at its booth.


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