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CES 2016 - Episode 2: Drones and Robots

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For the second day of the CES in Las Vegas, we're going to learn a bit more about drones and robots, technologies that take up more and more space at the expo every year.

Parrot, the french drone giant launches it's "flying wing", which can slide in the air, take turns and will let you feel like you're a bird.

Let's then meet a very small drone, not bigger than your own hand...

And now, it's time to go find the robots.

First we meet a very charming she-robot, which can sing and dance... and then a funny green robot moving around to fight air pollution. He's called Diya One, possesses an artificial intelligence and contains technologies that purify the air we breathe inside a building.

Tomorrow we'll explore the technologies that can make our home smarter. Keep in touch !