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Interview of Gilles Babinet, French Digital Champion

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Gilles Babinet, Digital Champion – the representative for digital affairs in France at the European Commission – participated in the Innovation Morning Meeting organized by GDF SUEZ on March 31st, 2015.

In this interview, he surveys the state of relationships between major corporations and startups.

Extracts from the interview:

“Yearly a year ago, I conducted a digital agility test for companies in the CAC40 with Les Echos.

GDF SUEZ ranked 4th, which is a major performance.

One of the evaluation criteria was major actors’ capacity to form strong links with the digital ecosystem. This involves hackathons, incubators, and meetings with companies.

There are two things to expect from a partnership between startups and major groups.

-An infusion of disruptive innovation, innovations that these corporations – who are used to incremental innovation – would have difficulty implementing themselves.

-Setting up new organizational and management processes within organizations, ones that are much more cross-cutting, that rely on data and digital technologies, and that focus much more on a project-based approach and less based in hierarchy.

These are two notions that we almost always see in partnerships between major corporations and startups.”

Source: GDF SUEZ