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The first new businesses developed by ENGIE employees come out of its incubation process

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On March 23rd, ENGIE presented the first five startups, developed by Group employees, that had come out of its incubation process and. These young companies will now take flight while making the most of the next step of the process: acceleration.

Mathieu Dancre at Green Channel, David Denis from Please, Christophe Huguet of NextFlex, Tanguy Mathon of Blue.e and Vincent Bryant of Deepki: these enthusiasts have managed to implement their innovative ideas and turn them into business. Listen to them talk about their experiences, which they have described as both exciting and rewarding.
And as said by Jean-Louis Blanc, Director of Innovation at ENGIE, "Let’s accelerate these five start-ups, but let’s especially accelerate innovation within the Group!"

To learn more about the incubation process at ENGIE, follow the adventures of Martin...

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