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​Listen to the podcast of the Innovation Morning Meeting on e-health

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Fans of e-health gathered on Friday, October 30, 2015 at Village by CA on rue de La Boétie in Paris. The program included discussions of emerging issues in healthcare and was led by Erik Orsenna, a writer, member of the French Academy and spokesman of ENGIE’s Urban Strategy and Innovation Council.

Speakers that day included:

• Guy Vallencien, a member of the National Academy of Medicine
• Karim Amrouni, a doctor and former health advisor for the city of Roubaix
• Stéphanie Merger, Head of SMART business offerings for Cofely Ineo (ENGIE Group)
• Rianne Delnoy, Cofely Netherlands

Ranging from the Eureka ZAC, a connected neighborhood, to services for better aging, E-health (Cofely Netherlands’ platform for hospitals), regional disparities in health and care and the contribution of new technologies to the field, you can learn about new issues in healthcare by listening to the morning’s podcast.

Source: ENGIE

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