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​The Internet of Things for safer skiing

Sustainable mobility

The Guzet ski station in the Pyrenees has just implemented a system from ENGIE Altiservice and the startup Nivolog that combines sensors that automatically measure snow depth, information transmitted by radio and 24h real-time data-sharing using SigFox technology.

Originally created by ski enthusiasts, the project originally known as Peuf Daddy allowed its users to get real-time information about the depth of fresh snowfall on the slopes.

The project was based on the Nivôse solution, which was installed in the 80s by Météo France, with an added Internet of Things layer of connected sensors using the SigFox network.

The sensors provide real-time calculations of the depth of snow, air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, thus optimizing the periods that safety precautions must be taken in the skiing area.

Developed by Nivolog, the project won both the Grenoble Startup Weekend in November 2014 the National E-Tourism Meeting in Pau’s Startup Contest in October 2015.

A last word from Jerome Folliet, founder of Nivolog: "As a startup, Nivolog is pleased to partner with ENGIE, which has suggested use cases for us with clout on the BtoB market."

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Source: ENGIE

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