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The ENGIE Innovation ecosystem

ENGIE Innovation

Bring the market inside

ENGIE Innovation team plays a key role in the development of a dynamic innovation culture inside, and sources new ideas and solutions in worldwide open-innovation ecosystems.

Its aim is to enable and promote opportunities and collaboration between internal and external stakeholders.

The innovation team is also the guardian of the Group’s internal and external innovation platforms, and responsible for the organization of the yearly Innovation Trophies.

To consult : ENGIE Research & Innovation - Press Kit - september 2020

Stimulating operational collaborations with start-ups.

The BUs and other ENGIE entities regularly launch calls for projects or calls for participation via the ‘ENGIE Innovation” open- innovation platform to meet concrete business needs.

A jury made up of ENGIE experts - from Business Units - and often from external partners* analyze the responses to select the winning startups. Those will benefit from collaboration with ENGIE’s BU’s and entities and highlighting their innovative solutions, through ENGIE’s innovation communities and various events in which the Group participates.

* These external partners can be institutional / territorial / industrial clients as well as accelerators, laboratories, clusters etc.

Keep the Pulse

Key market trends and disruption mapping

Driving the innov agenda

Monitor BU projects, focus areas, results, new skills

Connect the dots

Help BUs, ENGIE Fab, ENGIE Digital, DRT connect on common projects/ challenges

Help start-ups connect with our businesses

Provide tools for data, discovery and animation of the global innovation network

Celebrate success

Innovation Trophies

Showcase@internal and external events

Communicate on internal & external social media

Being part of ecosystems to detect innovative solutions

Through partnerships with key players in the innovation ecosystems: accelerators, incubators, Fab Labs, clusters etc... and thanks to the participation in many events, ENGIE multiplies the opportunities to meet and identify innovative startups, throughout the year.

Stimulating ideation, internal innovation and incubating internal projects

Innovation starts with employees.

Open to all Group employees, the Innov@ENGIE is an internal platform for collecting ideas in fields such as smart solutions for renewable energy, alternative mobility, using data to improve energy efficiency, …

Specific Calls for Ideas are organized by ENGIE BU’s and entities. Every idea is analyzed by internal experts who determine whether or not it can enter an operational launch or acceleration phase: assembling a team, defining objectives, proposing the project to an internal Business Unit for sponsorship, etc.

Celebrate internal innovation and incubating internal projects

The ENGIE Innovation Trophies provide every year the opportunity to recognize the Group’s greatest innovators. Hundreds of projects are screened over several months and the winners in various catege opportunity to recognize the Group’s greatesories selected through several steps.

The Innovation Trophies’ Award Ceremony & Market Place is the culmination of this undertaking where we showcase and recognize the most outstanding projects each year.

A selection of the best “100 Innovations” is shared on ENGIE Innovation communities.

Watch our 100 innovations

Other open innovation ecosystems of ENGIE

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