Open Innovation

Building an open ecosystem to explore new areas

Open innovation at ENGIE 

At ENGIE, we are convinced that innovation is collaborative, first and foremost. Both in our company, but also all around us: entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, incubators, etc.  All of these stakeholders are inventing new solutions, exploring new fields.
Starting in 2014, we launched an overall innovation initiative to create links between them. It is focused on jointly building the solutions of tomorrow alongside all the innovators who share our goals.
This approach has a name: ENGIE Innovation. And a mission: to discover and bring together the innovators who can contribute to developing in fresh terrain: 

- Providing clean and inexhaustible energy,

- Low cost battery storage,

- Massive transition towards electric vehicles,

- Rollout of the Internet of Things

- Hydrogen, the ultimate energy vector. 

ENGIE relies on several levers to achieve these goals:


Facilitating an open innovation ecosystem 

ENGIE has set up a complete system that helps innovative stakeholders who share our ambitions to come together and work. ENGIE hosts or participates in numerous events: startup marketplaces, competitions, hackathons, innovation days, innovation morning meetings, and trade shows such as the CES.

Discover all the current calls for projects


Launching calls for projects to work together on an operational level 

ENGIE Innovation lets startups, entrepreneurs and innovative project promoters respond to ongoing calls for projects. The winners receive prizes, expert assistance from the Group and an opportunity to work together on an operational project with the Group's business units and sometimes with external partners.
Nearly 50 calls for projects have already been launched, and ENGIE has received more than 1000 proposals from startups: a major success.*
Learn about all the calls for projects currently underway.


Incubating internal projects 

For ENGIE, innovation starts with its employees. A system for incubating internal projects allows Group employees to spend a year in a partner incubator to develop their innovative project. At the end of the incubation period, the solution can either be turned into commercial offer of the Group, spun off as a startup or sent on to an accelerator.

There have been many successes: of the 261 projects submitted by employees, 10 are currently in incubation and 12 have already gone through the process. *


* As of December 1, 2016