ENGIE Innovation

ENGIE Innovation is a platform created by ENGIE to promote open innovation and facilitate contact between various actors.

It allows startups, entrepreneurs and innovative project owners to submit their ideas and to receive coaching from Group experts, as well as offering potential opportunities for collaboration with ENGIE subsidiaries and even financial support from ENGIE’s investment fund.

All around us, entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, and incubators are inventing the world of tomorrow.

ENGIE’s overall innovation strategy, known as “ENGIE Innovation”, aims to build tomorrow’s solutions alongside and in collaboration with the entire range of innovative actors: startups, innovative businesses, inventors, etc.

The ENGIE Group has created a number of tools to promote innovation and solidify its presence within this ecosystem:

  • An investment fund with a budget of 165 million euros for taking minority stakes in startups in their development phase
  • The launch of events to forge links between innovative actors: marketplaces for startups, competitions, hackathons, innovation days, and participation in trade fairs in Europe and across the world.
  • Calls for projects in four strategic areas to guide innovation at ENGIE: “Smart house”, “Cities of tomorrow and Urban Mobility”, "Distributed Renewable Energy Generation, load peak shaving & energy storage" and “Digital Monitoring of Energy efficiency”

ENGIE Innovation lets everyone submit their ideas, their skills and expertise, and their patents and in return to receive support from ENGIE in the form of coaching and cooperation.

The platform also allows startups to respond to calls for projects. Its goal is to be the link between the innovation ecosystem and ENGIE.

Innovation at ENGIE

A major utility for over 150 years, ENGIE is convinced that the world of energy is undergoing a profound and lasting transformation. In this context, the Group has set itself the goal of becoming Europe’s leader in energy transition, in particular by focusing on innovation. This drive is at the core of the Group’s efforts to transform good ideas into operational services for the benefit of its customers.

The Group’s internal organization also evolved to boost entrepreneurial creativity. New tools and processes have also been developed so that innovation can contribute sustainably to the Group’s growth.

ENGIE New Ventures, a €165 million investment fund, has been launched to support innovative start-ups. An incubation process for employees’ projects has been set up, supporting approximately ten projects per year.

Key Figures (July 2017)

  • €165 million: current investment budget of ENGIE New Ventures, which carried out 16 investments including:Gogoro, Heliatek, Sigfox, Kiwi Power, Apix Analytics, StreetLight Data, Kwh Analytics.
  • 10,458 employees are members of innov@ENGIE, the Group’s internal social network for innovation.
  • Employees have proposed more than 560 ideas of innovations on the innov@ENGIE network.
  • 10 employee-led projects currently incubated in a network of 11 of the Group’s partner incubators throughout the world (France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil) and 9 projects out of incubation or in accelerators, developping new businesses.
  • Group employees have proposed over 580 innovation projects for the last edition (2016) of the internal “Innovation Trophies” competition.
  • A network of more than 50 innovation managers across the Group.
  • 44 calls for projects launched on ENGIE Innovation, the Group’s open innovation platform.
  • ENGIE employs 154,950 people worldwide and had revenues of €69.9 billion in 2015.