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Ever Smarter: Japan’s Woven City, Barcelona’s Super Block, Kenya’s Technopolis
Smart cities | 03/02/2020

Ever Smarter: Japan’s Woven City, Barcelona’s Super Block, Kenya’s...

All around the world, the notion of the “smart city” is being both expanded and refined. From carless superblocks to a city being built by a car company, it’s clear that the coming decade will take the integration of technology and services to another level — where, hopefully, the design of urban spaces will put citizens first. Here is a world tour of some of the most interesting smart city projects:

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CES 2020 In Review: Data Privacy, Smart Living And Sustainability Take Center Stage
Other innovations | 14/01/2020

CES 2020 In Review: Data Privacy, Smart Living And Sustainability Take Center...

Sometimes what happens in Vegas should not stay in Vegas. We are of course thinking of the best innovations on display at Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which was hosted last week amid the neon in Nevada. The annual tech showcase has been a rendez-vous for all things cutting-edge for more than 50 years, where today’s tech giants now gather in Las Vegas to unveil new releases while smaller startups get a chance to...

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Innovation trends at CES 2019
Other innovations | 11/02/2019

Innovation trends at CES 2019

It has become a tradition: a few days after its 4thtime participating in the CES, ENGIE Innovation Team held a conference for all the Group’s employees to decipher the trends and weak signals detected during the gigantic, world-leading event for innovation.Hendrik Van Asbroeck, Director of Innovation, Stéphane Quéré, COO for Global Smart Business at ENGIE Digital, Etienne Gehain, Digital Innovation Officer,...

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