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Azzura Lights focuses on educational games to beat the challenges of the energy transition


ENGIE first came into contact with Azzura Lights thanks to the Med'Innovant competition. The Nice-based startup, which some have called the "Google Translate" of the energy transition, specializes in developing educational tools about energy.

Jessica Pellegrini, Founder & CEO, talked to us about her company, which will join us at the ENGIE Lab at Viva Technology on Saturday, May 26th.

We specialize in educational engineering and develop fun, educational tools on energy-related topics.

We help the various stakeholders in the energy transition get the tools and training they need to explain the challenges facing us and transmitting this information to their end-usersOn a practical level, energy suppliers develop technological innovations that we will popularize through play or by creating training courses.

Do you develop games specifically for businesses and communities, or do you work off of an existing database?

Everything from our database that we can customize or re-adapt according to the needs of our customers. These are products that we develop by leading our own training courses. But we can of course tailor them to your specifications.

So far we have been developing physical, tangible products, but we have also started developing apps and platforms. For example, we developed a game to help families in fuel poverty. We embedded in a company’s teams, conducted a study, developed a concept and processes, and then provided all the educational materials the families needed to allow no longer have to choose between heating and eating.

We are not about playing "to play" but rather “to learn", games that train you to do something. There is a purpose and an educational objective for each of our games.


What will you be presenting at the booth at Vivatech?

We will showcase the products we develop, the purpose they serve, and explain to the general public what educational engineering is.


What do you expect to get from participating in Viva Technology on the ENGIE Lab?

Mainly visibility and meetings with potential partners.


A slogan ?

Yes, we like to say "Azzura Lights, to better enlighten you. "

It's a play on words, since because of our name people often believe that we sell light bulbs! But above all we want to enlighten users about the innovations they will use, to increase their knowledge and know-how.


For you the future will be ...?

The future will inevitably be about helping people through the energy transition.

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Source: Christine LEROY

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