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Please: the digital platform of the convenience store crosses the million of order !


The french start-up Please justified and incubated within the group ENGIE in 2016 has just overtaken the million euro course cape of annual commands orders on its digital platform developed in house. Year 2018 was marked by the support  of ENGIE New Ventures allowing to spread the model of franchise built by Please to help the businesses and local restaurants to sell their products and services on smartphone in the small and average cities.

300 storekeepers and 35 000 orders registered in 2018 alone !

Following the validation of its economic and technical model during its incubation phase at ENGIE between 2016 and 2017, Please conducted a first phase of deployment in early 2018 with the signature of 10 cities. In December 2018, Please has more than 300 merchants and 26,000 customers on its platform. This represents approximately 35,000 orders made and delivered for more than 200,000 km traveled by our local franchisees.

An activity growing by 1,000% over 2018 and already 16 employees

Thanks to the support of ENGIE New Ventures, Please has demonstrated an important step in its evolution: scalability *! Indeed, in 12 months the platform has multiplied by 10 its order activity and customer traffic, a growth of 1000% in one year. 10 times more orders, it's 10 times more adrenaline and 10 times more ambition for the coming year!

These results show that this collaborative platform, resulting from the ENGIE incubation, is fully functional with a double offer:

- a unique franchise deployment model that responds to a new local and digital economy;

- a community offering that enables city-center actors to boost the digitalization of their local shops in small towns and to offer new services to citizens everywhere in France!

* scalability: Refers to the ability of a company to scale up its business model without changing its cost structure

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Find an interview with David Denis, CEO of Please explaining the solution as well as its mode of development  

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