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Efficient Solutions by ENGIE : 'La belle Batterie' and 'Charge & Go'
Other innovations 08/11/2021

Efficient Solutions by ENGIE : "La belle Batterie" and "Charge & Go"

During COP26 in Glasgow the Solar Impulse Foundation  proposes 1000+ solutions to help  political and decision makers meet more ambitious climate targets without compromising economic growth. ENGIE’s Zero-Carbon solutions are among the innovative solutions proposed.

Join the Solutions Explorer Series at COP26 for a first-hand experience! Register for a 30-minute session on energy solutions (4 November 2021), solutions for cities and regions (8 November 2021), or transport solutions (10 November).

We have achieved the challenge set at COP22 of selecting 1000 clean and profitable climate solutions, now we are coming to COP26 with a suitcase full of over 1300 solutions and the tools to place them in the hands of decision-makers

Bertrand Piccard, Chairman and Founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation

Some of the Solutions developed by ENGIE’s innovators and referenced as “Efficient solutions” by the Solat Impulse Foundation since 2018 are available in the Solar Impulse Solutions Explorer, a one-of-a-kind search engine that  showcases 1,000+ clean and profitable Solutions that have been recognized by independent experts for their environmental and economic performance.

Visitors can search for solutionns on the "Solutions Explorer" to help them progress towards their climate objectives in a cost-competitive and profitable manner.  Come discover new and efficient ways of producing, consuming, and valuing resources!

Discover a selection of ENGIE’s Zero-Carbon Solutions showcased on Solutions Explorer : "La belle Batterie" and "Charge & Go"

LA BELLE BATERIE : Providing transparency to the state of batteries in the second-hand electrical market
CHARGE & GO : Plug and play electrical vehicle charging solutions for smart cities
La Belle Batterie is the first certification service for EV and PHEV batteries. Its mission is to unlock the second-hand electrical market by offering consumers and professionals accurate, independent and transparent information on the state of health of electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles batteries (PHEV). The "La Belle Batterie" certificate enables buyers of used electric vehicles to have more information about the vehicle they want to buy. Therefore, sellers will also be able to sell faster and with transparency, which could result in an increase. With La Belle Batterie, customers can diagnose their vehicle themselves, in 5 minutes, directly at home. No more need for expensive labour in a garage. This solution is also available for car aftermarket professionals, such as garages or used car dealers.
To support cities in their search for simple and ecological solutions for mobility, charge&go products are electric vehicle charging solutions that find and bring the energy from your city directly to the vehicle. The charge&go products are modular, able to charge from different energy sources, adaptable to different bus manufacturers and plug and play, preventing significant infrastructure investment. The range consists of two products: optim', an all-in-one smart fleet charging solution and flash, an all-in-one opportunity charging solution. charge&go adapts to users' environment, budget and the evolution of your city.

Find out More :  "Batteries for people": supporting individuals and professionals in the ecological transformation of transportation modes.

Find out More : Plug and play electrical vehicle charging solutions for smart cities

Join  the Solutions Explorer Series at COP26 for a first-hand experience!

Register for free to 30-minute session on live from COP26 : 

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