ENGIE and startups

Major corporations and startups are natural partners.                     

ENGIE has created several initiatives for getting involved with startups:

• Taking a stake in them via the ENGIE New Ventures investment fund,

• Operational collaboration through calls for projects.


A case study: Vertuoz and Ubiant 

ENGIE created Vertuoz, a platform for connected buildings. To enrich this tool, the Group launched a call for projects for startups who could suggest new innovative services or technological bricks to be included in it.

The call for projects was won by Ubiant, which creates applications for intelligent buildings, and its smartphone application that lets users control variables related to domestic comfort while managing their energy consumption.

After the call for proposals, Vertuoz and Ubiant continued to work more closely together... In September 2016, their work together won the Smart City award from the French Observatory of Relations between Major Corporations and SMEs.

ENGIE, Symbio, Heliatek and Connit 

Heliatek, Symbio and Connit, partner startups of ENGIE were at CES 2017 with ENGIE.

Heliatek is a German company developing organic photovoltaics

CONNIT is a startup specializing in industrial IoT.

Symbio promotes clean, sustainable mobility solutions.

ENGIE & Sigfox

Sigfox, an ENGIE partnering start-up is a network for connected objects, currently working in 12 countries, mainly in western Europe and the United States.The network will link thousands of objects for industries and utilities.

With ENGIE, Sigfox has developed energy efficiency solutions for buildings.

ENGIE & Apix Analytics

APIX Analytics, one of the ENGIE Group’s partner startups, develops ultra-miniaturized gas analyzers to analyze the various compounds within a gas mixture.

Philippe Andreucci, CEO of APIX Analytics, agreed to answer our questions and tell us about his startup, which is revolutionizing the field of gas analysis