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​Intellectual property information

Intellectual property information

The “ENGIE Innovation” website is governed by French law, especially but non exclusively regarding to intellectual property rights. Contributions to the Website are, subject to any applicable legal requirements, freely usable by ENGIE.

Any full or partial representation, modification, reproduction, distortion, of all or part of the Website or its contents, by any procedure whatsoever and in any medium whatsoever, constitutes a counterfeit, incurring the civil and criminal liability of the offender.

All intellectual property rights relating to the solutions and projects proposed by the Submitters on ENGIE’s open innovation platform called “ENGIE Innovation” remain the property of the respective Submitters.

Each Submitter certifies that he is the owner of the intellectual property rights and, by default, that he has all the necessary authorizations regarding the intellectual property rights related to the project at issue. He guarantees that he will defend, indemnify and hold ENGIE harmless from and against any claims, actions, costs, suits and proceedings whatsoever from a third party grounded on the solutions and projects presented, which they declare to be their own personal matter.

Each Submitter certifies that he is not subject to any obligation or limitation concerning his or her project and/or the creations that may result therefrom, which could limit his or her capacity as a Submitter to the “ENGIE Innovation” platform. 

Submission of a solution and project  by a Submitter on “ENGIE Innovation” shall not grant ENGIE the right to use such solution and project for any commercial or industrial use. 

ENGIE agrees to limit the use  of the information contained in the solution and project  submitted by the Submitter for internal purpose exclusively: this information shall not be shared outside the ENGIE Group without the express permission of the Submitter. Each Submitter will be the sole judge of the suitability and means of protecting its confidential information by claiming such right.

ENGIE may ask the Submitter to justify the information contained in the solution and project. Any inexact or false declaration, or any fraud, will lead to the immediate termination of the relationship between ENGIE and the Submitter.ENGIE will not be held responsible for any fraud committed by the Submitter. 

In the event that the Submitter infringes these terms, ENGIE may terminate all relations with the Submitter immediately with no right to compensation whatsoever for the Submitter.

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