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Cooling energy can be stored, at last!

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Developed by Axima Refrigeration, a subsidiary of GDF SUEZ, the cryo-cristallizer driven by Pascal Massard, was unanimously acclaimed at the 2014 Innovation Awards and won the New Business and Ideas’ award as well as the Special Employees’ Award through an on-line vote on GDF SUEZ ‘s collaborative platform: innov@gdfsuez.

“It’s a revolution in the cooling production world”, explains Pascal Massard, Director - West Sector at Axima Refrigeration, who immediately saw a potential in developing the project. After meeting with both inventors, Pascal Massard and his team sought for and obtained funding to start an R&D program. Early 2014, results were already promising. On-site real test in a factory and beginning of marketing is scheduled for 2015.

The slurry ice generator is a mix of liquid phase / solid phase with an energy density 4 times superior to a classic fluid. This cold carrier fluid called “slurry ice” can now be produced in large quantities and high power. It is a completely new way of managing a cooling production. “Today, due to a lack of storage capacity, we only meet instant needs, while the refrigeration equipment, very energy intensive, imposes heavy constraints on the power network of a territory…”, continues P. Massard.

Equipment capacity is generally oversized in order to meet peak demand. In Brittany, for example, where agri-food is the number one industrial sector, our innovation could quickly have an impact. We are aiming at developing a new range of cooling energy, to answer the need for a better energy efficiency.

Source: Hugo Whitemore

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