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Rockside by Blockchain Studio : being part of the Blockchain revolution

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After Viva Technology and CES, Blockchain Studio will once more be with ENGIE on 4 - 7 November at the Web Summit. The perfect opportunity for an update with Corentin Denoeud on the latest news from this young startup, set up by ENGIE and Maltem to facilitate the adoption and implementation of blockchain solutions.

What changes have there been for Blockchain Studio over the last year?

Following the success of our “on premises” version, we are now offering an SaaS version, to facilitate and accelerate companies' adoption of the blockchain: no programs need installing, which makes it simpler to use.

It's an important development, which allows us to invoice per transaction and not yearly. This makes the blockchain more accessible to companies, which are starting to use the technology now that the entrance fee is lower. Before, the installation of the program required an investment. With the SaaS version, the technological barrier is down and we approach the Blockchain Transaction as a service. What we offer is not just an infrastructure, but also an API to manage Blockchain transactions within each company's constraints.

And you are now using Rockside, your product name, in communication?

Yes. The barriers to companies' development of Blockchain projects are security, conformity, and cost management. Rockside adresses precisely these problems. We are convinced of its success in coming years, and so decided to concentrate on its development and commercialization.

What will you be showing at the Web Summit?

With a game combining green energy produced by a wind turbine and tracability via the Blockchain, we will demonstrate how our solution enables a connection between the real world (the energy producer) and the Blockchain.

What motivates you?

We are on the threshold of a revolution which will create an entirely new economic system. I personally lived through the internet revolution as a spectator; I saw the progressive generalization of information exchange, and the ultimate emergence of a world where it is unthinkable to be without the internet. The Blockchain revolution is hardly beginning, and will be massive. In ten years or so, the Blockchain will be invisible, but everywhere. And this time, I will not be just a spectator at the revolution, but a participant.

In developing Rockside, we are proud to contribute to this new revolution!

Meet Blockchain Studio at Web Summit, Booth E232, Hall 2 or read more about Rockside by Blockchain Studio.

Source: Christine Leroy

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