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Livin', a tangible solution for helping cities become more virtuous


Connecting cities’ infrastructure to make them more fluid, more pleasant for their inhabitants and more responsible. This is the challenge for Livin'.

Next November, Livin' will be at the Web Summit at the ENGIE & Partners stand. Vincent Vandenberge (Head of the Livin' Platform) and Eamon Drumm (Business Developer) present the platform. 

Livin' is an urban data management platform created by ENGIE Digital to expand on the service offerings of all ENGIE BUs for cities. Livin' makes it possible to take effective action on several issues: parking, air quality, public lighting, security and digital billboards. 

By connecting these infrastructure systems we can address many use cases in cities, for example helping them better manage events, whether regular events like weekly markets to accidents.

The data collected from connected infrastructure allows users to get real time information on things like:

  • information on the occupancy of parking spaces
  • electricity consumption related to street lighting
  • air quality by neighbourhood
  • incident reporting....

The platform includes business supervisors that let users take action directly on connected infrastructures: lowering brightness levels on a street, opening or closing parking spaces.... Livin' also allows city operators to automate actions, applying sets of rules to react to specific or recurring events.

Lastly, Livin' provides data visualization on different time scales – ex. comparing today's pollution with the two-week average – in order to detect anomalies, plan services better and ensure that reporting shows the impact of the actions taken. 

In La Baule, we help manage parking. In Bari (Italy) we help the city manage air quality, and in Niteroi, Brazil, we have contributed to improving traffic flow and reduced traffic jams by 30% in some areas. 

We are actively working on rolling the platform out the coming months in six other cities in France, Italy and Brazil. 

Why come to the web summit?

For us, this will be our first time at the Web Summit with a strong focus on finding out what’s out there.

We will use the convergence of thousands of solutions in one place to conduct a benchmark, see what trends there are and learn about what’s state of the art in terms of UX and UI. 

We are used to being at shows involving smart cities; the Web Summit has a much broader theme, where we certainly have a lot to discover. 

What will you show at the web summit? 

We will present a demo version of the platform, showing all its features.

What drives you?

First: the Livin' team, who are a highly competent, motivated team, with the desire to move forward and make the product move forward.

Then: offering a tangible operational solution that really helps cities to become more virtuous. In the world of city platforms, there are sometimes more promises than real answers.  At Livin', we have tangible evidence of the impact of the solutions we implement. We are proud of this, and it is a point of differentiation for ENGIE and for us to be able to really impact the environment through the data and to do so in a visible way. 

Source: Christine Leroy

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