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23 Jun. - 25 Jun. 2021

ENGIE Brasil Innovation Week 2021

ENGIE Brasil Innovation Week will happen on June 23 and 25, with the theme: Innovation to develop the skills of the future.

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Since 2019, ENGIE Brasil promotes an Innovation Week, allowing all employees to be connected to the innovation ecosystem of the Group by participating in live events, workshops, round tables, and networking opportunities.

This year, the event will happen on June 23 and 25, with the theme: "Innovation to develop the skills of the future". 

The need to understand how to be creative and reinvent yourself in this era of change is essential for those who want to succeed in the market. Over the centuries, technological, social, and political transformations have shaped the economy and the ability of individuals to earn a living. It is natural that as we advance economically and as a civilization, the demands of the market become more specialized, giving rise to new professions and ways of working. So, people and companies have to reinvent their business, their management way and the way they deal with each other, to be prepared for the future. 


  • On June 23 at 14h (Brazil time), we will have lecture and round table with special guests on the theme Skills of the Future (Robotics, Data Analysis, Coding, among other competences). To bring our employees closer to the innovation ecosystem and to bring their innovation ideas live.

    This event is encouraging employees to develop new professional skills, which are differential in the labor market of the present and essential for the FUTURE!

    The event will feature: 

    - Opening with Sandro Valeri, Managing Partner of Elo Group.
    - Participation of Bernardo Villari  -  Coordinator  of Market Strategy -ENGIE Soluyions and  Erlon Vagner -  Maintenance Engineer at Engie Brasil Energia
    - Participation of GAVB company, specialized in Artificial Intelligence solutions and startup BR. INO specialized in Educational Robotics 

  • On June 25 at 14h (Brazil time), we will present innovation cases at ENGIE Brazil, discussing how the company is using new skills and technologies to create a competitive differential in the market.

    The event will feature: 

    - Wind R&DProject – Development and certification of national wind turbine of 4 MW or more of direct coupling, with synchronous generator of permanent magnets and full power converter – by Frederico Taves, R&D coordinator at ENGIE Brasil

    - Netlex Project - Automation and control of societary documents of of ENGIE Brazil – by Bruna Krieger, legal analyst at ENGIE Brasil, and Netlex

    - Project Epic - Success case of an idea that came true through the Program INOVE - Leonardo Nascimento, Operating systems engineer at ENGIE Brasil
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