12 Juin 2017

Global Tractebel Innovation Week 2017 Launch Event

Multiplex launch event. Dual location event between the Belgium and Germany headquarters. From 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm.

This event will bring together two of the Tractebel headquarters: Brussels and Bad Vilbel in a duplex connection.

This event launches a massive series of events all around Tractebel worldwide as you can see, reading through the program. There is no doubt that the top executives who will speak during this session will emphasize the great success in the organisation of so many interesting events.

This is the first time that such a global involvement of all the entities of the group occurs and it stresses the will to work together as one company and to capitalise on all the knowledge and creativity that is present throughout the company.

This will also be the opportunity to remind everyone of the innovation process and to share information on how it has been performing so far.

From Bad Vilbel: Daniel Develay - Chief Executive Officer, Gillian Huart - Chief Officer Energy Transition & Innovation and Martin Seeger - Chief Officer Geographical Entity German.

From Brussels: Vincent Jamblin Innovation Manager.