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Angie The Chat Bot
Artificial intelligence
Selected 2017

Angie The Chat Bot

United Kingdom

The project team

  • Paul SMITH
  • Lindsay CROWTHER
  • Peter KIRK
  • Florence DUFOUR

“Angie” is a computer software solution that simulates human conversation in the form of an intelligent virtual assistant.

The ENGIE Digital NExT Customer Experience programme in the UK (supported by the B2B Metier and Accenture) identified many Customer journeys quickly become a poor experience. Interactions with customers are limited and often happen after the issue has occurred.

The Chat Bot solution changes the emphasis of these interactions to be more proactive and more informative. The Chat Bot has the capability to learn and improve and start to take action on behalf of the Customer moving them nearer to a position of trust.

The Chat Bot is designed to pin-point problems quickly and resolve these within 5 steps. It suggests and sets reminders to prevent future problems and has the capability to hand-off the conversation to a human if things get too complex.

The Chat Bot solution is a simple User Interface accessible from a mobile device (e.g. Facebook Messenger on a smart phone).

The current scope is limited to UK B2B “Bill shock” scenarios and operates in 2 ways;

Proactive notifications e.g. “Your meter reads are due”

Reactive journeys e.g. “I don’t understand my bill”

In April 2017 a working solution is being used as part of the live bill run by UK SME Customers as a platform to be re-used by at least 5 other BUs. A prioritized set of future scenarios for B2C & B2B have been identified that will be built once and shared by these BUs over 2017.

The Chat Bot addresses the opportunity of moving interactions to a digital channel;

Estimates are based on increasing the range of scenarios, the efficiency of moving to a digital channel, validated rates of adoption of the Chat Bot and include development costs.

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