Smart buildings
France 2017


An energy renovation service for jointly-owned buildings, taking care of building work with guaranteed results: economies of scale made possible by our expert, mobile, collaborative tool Efficloud / Effipad.

This innovation is based on a new tool with two interfaces:

- Efficloud, a website for the parts of the study conducted in the office, providing a collaborative workspace where colleagues can share data, photos and documents;

- Effipad, a mobile application available for iPad or tablets running Windows 10, allowing users to enter - even in offline mode - technical information and photos taken in the field, covering the heating and technical properties of buildings as well as commercial information.

The data gathered in the field is used to automatically generate renovation recommendations (complete with cost breakdown), ranging from renovation of the heating system to a more comprehensive renovation of the building as a whole. Thermal modelling of the building in its current state and projections for after the renovation work, allowing users to calculate the energy savings made.

The next step is to create a direct-mail preliminary project proposal, featuring the current state of affairs, the 3 suggested renovation packages and the energy savings they would enable. This proposal will be discussed with the client, allowing them to select their preferred package. The building contractors can then be called in to draw up firm quotes.

The project team

  • Anne-Solène MALIDIN
  • Charles-Emile HUBERT
  • Jean-Michel RICHARD
  • Sophie THEVENONE


  • ENGIE Cofely